The Growth Spiral is the method of growth that a disciple of Jesus takes, beginning at conversion and moving through the expansion of knowledge and practice of all things that He taught us.

The Announcement

“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”

Jesus' announcement that the Kingdom of God had burst onto earth, not in places of conventional wisdom like governments, militaries or in circles of people of high social status. Rather, the Kingdom of God, the reign of God restoring justice, equality and good, had begun in the hearts of men and women through the teachings of Christ.

(Read "What is the Gospel?")

This announcement was realized by the early hearers and became a disruptive, creative and transformative message that grew from the bottom up; the weak and poor and needy along with the willing, the hungry and the obedient bound together as a single entity and became salt and light in a world of brokenness, oppression, violence and death.

The Commission

Christ's final and great assignment was what we know as "The Great Commission". To His disciples then and now, Jesus said,

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

In today's vernacular, He told us what to do with this announcement of the Kingdom, this Gospel.

Go into all the world...

  • Initiate men and woman into the family of God and the Church through Baptism
  • Instruct them to become students of His teachings
  • Practice all the things he taught us

The Growth Spiral

Being baptized, we move to becoming a student, or a disciple in Christ's words.

The Movements

Anything that has no movement eventually stagnates. Jesus' teaching was always full of invitations.  If we are to have a successful doctrine, practice, program and outcome, we must continually be inviting ourselves into cultivating that teaching of Christ in order to further deepen and strengthen our maturity and actions.

  • Come and See - The call to consider
  • Come and Think - The call to contemplate
  • Come and Be Changed - The call to transformation

Let's Get Practical:

What will this look like? This needs to be our filter for everything. From sermons to lessons to bible studies to activities to prayer meetings to personal development to one on one discipleship, everything goes through these invitations. What are you inviting yourself/your disciple to today?

The Seed

The Seed is that basic knowledge of Christ's teaching around which we call ourselves to invitation. The early church was able to make disciples in short periods of time because they didn't learn in a linear fashion. They learned at once at the beginning the essential spiritual DNA that would slowly expand over time into a deep and mature understanding.

Let's Get Practical:

We will endeavor to provide that spiritual DNA from the onset of a disciple's journey. This will look like.

  • 101 Classes
    • Baptism and Communion Orientation
    • Introduction to Membership
    • Discipleship Objectives
    • Principles of Church Structure

The Path

The Path is the program that the church organizes so that those who are being invited to consider some portion of the seed of their faith have an outlet through which they can practice it and master it.

Let's Get Practical:

We see a simple structure of 5 relationships that the church had with each other in the New Testament.  With each person involved in each relationship, the seed of God's word was able to take root and expand rapidly and deeply within the disciples. Here we define them...

  1. Worship Service
  2. Formal Education
    1. 101 Classes
    2. Children and Adult Catechism
    3. Cyclical Classes
  3. Weekly community life and practice (small groups & prayer groups)
    1. Personal Individual Development Program
    2. Corporate Prayer Meetings
  4. Advanced Discipleship Training
    1. Elders
    2. Deacons
    3. Teachers
    4. Extended Theology Pursuits
  5. Outreach Partnerships

(Read "The Five Relationships" for even more understanding about each relationship)


The Fruit

The Fruit is the end or the expectation of spiritual maturity. Christ, Paul, Peter, John and others who wrote the New Testament never wonder where they were going in their faith journey. Scripture is clear where we should be maturing, what should be added to our character, how we should be experiencing God and who we are in Christ as His body.

Let's Get Practical:

We don't passively journey through Christianity, but actively practice our faith toward a specific end. The New Testament lays out clearly some of the objectives of our spiritual growth.

  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Four Temptations
  • Seven Sins and Seven Virtues
  • The Great Commandment
  • Spiritual Maturity and Discernment
  • Beatitudes
  • Daily Examination

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