The Purpose

The Daily Examen is a time at the conclusion of our day when we invite the Spirit of God to reflect with us on the previous 12-16 hours to see where we obeyed him, rejected him, bent our will to his or stubbornly continued in our own fallen and destructive tendencies. Have we thrived in love or have we collapsed in our own selves feeding our lust and pride and desires? Jesus calls us to commune with him, allowing him to cleanse us of unrighteousness and continue to make us born again.

Preparing Your Heart

  1. Go someplace alone. This is time to speak quietly and sincerely with the Holy Spirit. Other people will make this difficult if you are available to them.

  2. Slow down and pause before you start. The brain takes a moment to wind down and focus. You could listen to a song or two if you're fidgety or anxious. Don't pray immediately. Use the "selah" moment to slow and purposefully begin to contemplate.

  3. There is no minimum or maximum in this prayer. This doesn't need to be 5 minutes or 5 hours. Whenever you have dealt with God and are confident you have communed with Him, you will know your time is complete.

  4. Do not prepare a long prayer or list. This is a time to ask the Spirit and allow him to draw the mind to times and events in your day. Be the hearer more than the speaker.

  5. Invite the Lord to speak to you. Ask his Spirit to convict you and remind you. He will bring all things to remembrance.

  6. Remember that the voice of the Lord is loving and desires to purify you rather than condemn you. Listen to the voice you hear as you contemplate. If it's angry and oppressive, it is not the voice of the Lord. If it encourages you and you experience joy in having the sin purged, that is the voice of the Lord.

  7. Begin to ponder questions below. As the Lord speaks follow whatever time and path he takes you on.

  8. Confess what you see and be forgiven. Be willing to be open and honest. Follow the events of the day back to those places where you find the source of your straying. God desires to make you new if you are humble.

The Examination

Based on The Ten Commandments

My Relationship with God

  1. I am the Lord your God...You shall have no other gods before me

    • How have I treated/respected the image of God in myself and in others?

    • Where have I denied my obligations as the image bearer in God's creation?

  2. You shall not make for yourselves any carved images...or serve them

    • Is there any image I've used to define God that differs from the God Jesus shows us?

    • What image of a god have I exalted to the level of the God I know from scripture?

  3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain

    • Have I misrepresented God in my words or actions?

    • Have I wasted my position in Christ through ignoring his commands?

  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy

    • Have I participated in Sunday Worship with the body of Christ?

    • Have I submitted to being a student today?

    • Have I joined myself to others in my Christian community for growth and support?

    • Have I practiced the work of the Kingdom today in someone's life?

My Relationship with Others

  1. Honor your father and your mother

    • Do I show respect to my parents as it reflects my submission to Christ and the Father?

  2. You shall not murder

    • Have I physically or verbally accused, attacked, offended someone?

    • Do I have any outstanding grudges I refuse to forgive?

    • Is there any hatred for a brother or an enemy that I hold in my heart?

  3. You shall not commit adultery

    • Have I entered into an emotional or physical relationship outside of my own marriage or with another's spouse?

    • Do I allow myself to lust after someone that is not my spouse?

  4. You shall not steal

    • Have I deliberately deceived someone to gain from them what is not mine?

    • Have I taken where I should have been giving?

    • Did my greed control any of my decisions?

  5. You shall not bear false witness

    • Where have I defrauded or slandered another person with my words?

    • Have I given my word deceitfully in order to save face or better my own position

  6. You shall not covet your neighbor's goods

    • Have I begun to look on anything that belongs to another with greed rather than joy in that person's blessings?

    • Have I become discontent and unthankful because of another's success?

    • Do I desire the misfortune of another because of my own pride?