What they are not...

  • Commands - things we can do

  • Gifts - divine assistance for commands

  • Promises - guaranteed results

  • Virtues - faith hope and charity. Outpourings of our good habits

  • Ordinances - grace filled baptism and communion

  • Fruits - creations of union with the spirit

All of these are actions and helps in the kingdom mind and work. We do them because we are something. We are settled in some mindset. Settled and happy. Happy in something. Blessed. The fruit of the Spirit may be love, but the fruit of the Beatitude is happiness.  Divine supreme happiness.

Therefore, if you see these signs, you can know you have it - God’s happiness.

A blessing can't be obeyed. A blessing is a reminder of the outcome of obedience in other areas. If we obey the sermon on the Mount, the blessings in his prelude will be fulfilled. We need the Spirit to reveal these truths to us, so that, being part of who we are, they drive us to the obedience found later in the sermon.

We don’t ask if we are happy. We ask if we are merciful because if we are merciful, we know we are truly happy. Happiness is deceiving. Is it real or faux? You may not know until you find if these are who you are. If no, you must repent and believe and rest in them.  Say, yes, Lord, be it unto me according to your word.

God teach me your law, give me your fruit, fill me with virtue, gift me with abilities, practice with me your ordinances…

Then I will be merciful, hungry, meek, poor in spirit - and then I will know that I am happiest in you.

They are…

  • Blessings

    • Sayings of praise

    • Desire of goodwill

    • Invitation to a truth

  • Awakens the hearer to a truth

  • Commits the blesser to action

  • Unifies the body


  • Old testament family blessings

  • The Torah blessing or a curse

  • Abraham's promise for those who will bless or curse him

  • David's Psalms of blessing

  • Jesus blesses people and children

  • Paul’s benedictions “may the god of Peace” etc

We have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. -Ephesians

The meaning of a blessing or benediction is the offer or desire of goodwill for someone's ultimate happiness. The Father knows that we can be (and he desires us to be) supremely happy. That comes through existing in a state of adherence to these beatitudes. Those that live in this plane of existence and understanding will be able to see clearly the world and how it works and will achieve happiness.

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