The following exercise is meant for any disciple or discipler to rehearse with one another, sincerely pondering the questions included in order to examine one's own level of interaction within the growth spiral process. This does not measure a person's development. This practice only encourages full participation in the structure of discipleship through the method of the 5 relationships outlined in scripture.  It invites the disciple to deeper engagement, which, through the Spirit's guidance will take us through the ever expanding spiral to maturity.


Believing that through his resurrection, Jesus Christ has become Lord over all creation...

And recognizing that he is making all things new...

Because he has commanded us to enter his family through baptism, becoming students who practice all things he taught...

We find these 5 relationships in his church to grow us, unify us and perpetuate his new creation.


Question 1:

Am I faithfully worshipping by raising my heart and mind to God each week with his church?

Question 2:

Have I enrolled and am actively learning in a formal education class?


Question 3:

Have I joined a small group community to rehearse and practice my faith intentionally?


Question 4:

How am I Developing my prayer habits and discovering my individual talents, gifts and passions?


Question 5:

Where am I using good works to build for the kingdom?