Mercy means to enter into another's suffering. It comes from the same word that's translated as wretched. Through mercy, we enter into someone's wretchedness, we have pity on them, we have compassion and pity for them.

These acts of mercy do not impact the corporal (bodily or material) needs, but are actually a higher order taking affect in someone's wellbeing, spiritual development, emotional health and community belonging.

These acts tear down walls between us, allowing another person who is either less mature, who has stumbled or who is desiring to develop, to have full access to us as a community and to not be roadblocked by rejection or dislike.

Combined, these seven acts represent a full spectrum of emotional and developmental helps needed by those on the journey to full spiritual understanding . Examine yourself to determine if you are fully engaging in these acts of love.

Seven spiritual acts of mercy

Counseling the doubtful

Instructing the ignorant

Admonishing the sinner

Comforting the sorrowful

Forgiving injuries

Bearing wrongs patiently

Praying for the body