Children's Classes - (Birth through Grade 5)
We believe that the first few years of a child's life are very important, which is why we introduce Jesus in a learning enviorment that is not only structured and safe, but fun! Please feel free to learn about more about what we offer for specific ages below.

Birth - 4 Years Old

We provide a nursery for the littlest ones through 4 years during gathering times. Our trained nursery staff would be happy to help direct you to the nursery, which is located in the Main Building.

K-1st Grade

Children are taught more about Jesus through arts and crafts, and given treats as they are taught the Bible. The class is taught in an intimate setting as to give each child the attention they deserve.

2nd-3rd Grade

In class we introduce the children to stories in the Bible, while reinforcing it with arts and crafts. The entire class is specifically geared to have fun and learn more about Jesus while they do it.

4th-5th Grade

The children are taught more in depth about Jesus, while doing a variety of interactive activities that help reinforce the lesson that is being taught. In this class, the children are challenged to think a little more, and have fun of course.


Team Kid

Every Sunday night at 6 PM, the children come together to play exciting games, enjoy tasty treats, and most importantly learn about Jesus. We clear the entire auditorium so that the children have a safe place to fully interact with one another and enjoy all the activities going on. All children from the ages of K to 5th grade are welcome to join! Please click below to register your child for Team Kid!