COntinue your growth In Christ's Kingdom

Following Jesus is being baptized into his family, actively being a student and pursuing the works of His kingdom.  Follow any of the links below to begin or continue along your discipleship path into deeper relationship with God through Christ by His Spirit, increased understanding of His Word and greater works with Him to renew our world.

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Our Relationships

Visitors, new believers, long time Christians, leaders, teachers and elders can all log in below to track where they are in the Christian faith and plan where they are going in their discipleship. 

Christ called us to enter into His family in baptism and walk with him in His resurrection in Kingdom works and student hood.

Our Partners

Following Christ's example, the Easter life teaches us that Kingdom comes through service and through entering into the needs and suffering of others. 

As Christ is renewing all things, we partner with the groups below to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the prisoners. This is kingdom come and this is the evidence that our Christ is King.

Our Resources

We strive to provide every tool possible to the student of Christ who is learning to observe all things that He commanded us.  

Our teachers and elders provide education materials to disciples for their growth through personal independent study and for corporate learning, classes and training.