Growing at Emmanuel

Our desire is to make disciples who follow Jesus Christ, know God, experience eternal life and live the principles of the Kingdom of God through worship, education, relationships, leadership opportunities and service activities.

Progress in your growth in Christ along with your family in these key areas:

Relationship 1

Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday morning worship at 10 AM is the time to raise the heart and mind to God, turn back to him, hear from him and commit ourselves to serving him. Our Children’s Church meets with ages 5 through 6th grade to do the same and prepare them for the church service.

Relationship 2

Formal education for all ages

Sunday Morning classes at 9 AM are available for all ages, with Catechism for children and formal adult education ranging from beginners classes to specialized topical classes.

Relationship 3

Community life in Faith and Practice

Form relationships and serve as a family while exploring the practical applications of the truths we learn on Sundays through small groups practicing and learning the Spiritual Disciplines.

Relationship 4

Spiritual Formation And Gifts

Because it is so important to resource people so that they can continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom, and because we are commanded to raise up new teachers and leaders, we provide personal spiritual growth materials, facilitate elder and deacon training, advanced Christian education and one on one discipleship.

relationship 5

Kingdom Work

In addition to worship, education, personal discipleship, spiritual discipline and supporting each other as a family, our Kingdom work spreads into the community and the world as we share Jesus through deed and acts of mercy with our Global Partners.